Detailing--does it make a difference?

Absolutely!  This is one of the primary reasons we include a comprehensive detail in the listing fee for your vehicle. Having your vehicle look its best is in everyone's best interest.

These are actual before and after pictures we took of a clients Porsche. We EXCEL at making vehicles look their best and it definitely makes a difference.

If deciding between the two pictures to the left which would you choose?

Some Answers to FAQ's

While we utilize the latest in technology we are quite down to earth--if you don't see the answer to your question listed below just give us a phone call. We appreciate the opportunity to give clear concise answers. Eliminating smoke and mirrors has helped fuel our success since 1992.

Do I need to set up an appointment?  YES--we value our clients time and want to be ready to answer your questions and help make a decision as quickly as possible. Having a time set aside just for you allows us to make this happen

Do you accept all vehicles?  NO--your vehicle has to be a good fit for us. If the condition of your vehicle doesn't meet our standards we will be upfront and honest about it. We can only assist with selling vehicles that we would feel comfortable selling.

Do I have input on the price to market my vehicle at?  Absolutely--we will use our knowledge and resources to share pricing data with you and offer suggestions but you are in control. Before we consign your vehicle we will help make certain it is a good value for everyone.

Does Weisco just give the keys to my car to an interested party?NO--we treat your vehicle as if it is one of our own. We confirm valid drivers licenses and that insurance is in place. We also qualify and go on test drives with potential clients. Call us to learn about additional requirements for exotic or custom vehicles.

Does Weisco purchase vehicles outright?  Yes--depending upon the vehicle we can give you a quote for purchasing your vehicle as well as what we believe it would sell for on consignment.

What if the buyer wants to trade their current vehicle in?  We can do that!

Is there a minimum you won't sell my car below?  Of course! We work with you to set the selling price of your vehicle. We do the work but you retain the right to make or accept price changes.

Should I cancel my insurance before my vehicle is sold?You need to keep your insurance coverage in place until the sale is finalized.

What if someone interested in my car doesn't live in Colorado?  We sell many vehicles each and every month to out of state buyers. We have the knowledge and resources to help an out of state purchaser become the new owner of your vehicle.

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