Our consignment program is refreshingly simple and hassle free and it has been that way since its inception. We've been assisting clients with selling their vehicles for many many years using the same successful method that we developed over two decades ago. We patterned our consignment program from researching and learning from some of the most successful realtors--learning what factors led to the greatest satisfaction of sellers as well as buyers. It isn't a traditional car dealership approach...but thankfully we are NOT a traditional car dealership and our background does not stem from traditional car dealerships

Effective and Efficient

Our symbiotic approach is a positive for all involved making the process quicker and easier than you've probably ever experienced before. We strive and achieve a goal of making all parties feel that it was one of the best automotive experiences they ever had.

What Weisco Offers

In a nutshell--EVERYTHING!  Setting the price, preparing your vehicle, marketing your vehicle, selling your vehicle, and getting you the maximum proceeds as quickly as possible.

We will use our extensive expertise to work with you to set a fair price for your vehicle and create a custom add with pictures from every angle of your automobile. We can even assist if necessary with small repairs that might extensively boost your vehicles value.

How Do I Start

That's simple--you can send us an email or quickly pick up the phone to share the particulars about your vehicle with us so we can together determine whether we will be a good fit. If so we set up a time to see your vehicle in person and spend 10-15 minutes finalizing details before you're on your way! We fast-track the process of getting your vehicle available, advertised, and sold from that point forward.

Honest and Clear

We explain our process, costs, efforts, and expected results immediately--in fact all of that is located on this simple website.  The open nature of this website is a revealing look at how simple it is to work with us. We've mentioned it before--we thankfully DO NOT operate like a traditional dealership and strive hard to be transparent.

Have you started researching other companies and found that they hide who they are, where they are, what they charge, what they do, or what you can expect? That's the reason so many people cringe when thinking of car shopping.

Our different approach and way of respecting clients sounds refreshing doesn't it? IT IS!
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