I like what I've read so far--what are the costs involved?

With simplicity as a guiding factor we believe you will find this section as straightforward and clear as the rest of our consignment program.

Weisco has a listing fee of $300 which includes a professional detail as well as marketing and advertising your automobile. This fee is non-refundable and due when finalizing the consignment agreement.

Our consignment fee is simply seven percent (7%) of the selling price of your vehicle (with a minimum selling fee of $850). It is our goal to maximize the selling price of your vehicle to give you the highest proceeds possible.

The consignment agreement is for a period of sixty (60) days and it our hope to have a new home for your vehicle before this period of time is over. If your vehicle has not sold we can extend the agreement for an additional 30 days upon mutual consent (with no extra fees to you).

STRAIGHTFORWARD and CLEAR--We at Weisco Motorcars adhere to these words in all aspects of how we operate. We clearly explain the fees involved and what you can expect in return. We won't hide details (who we are, what we charge, what we do) from you.  You have a right to expect our relationship to be based upon trust.

Our percentage based consignment fee is designed to maximize proceeds to you in the quickest time possible. Remember we are setting price to market your vehicle together (not the traditional dealership idea of adding a ridiculous markup to the figure you tell them you hope to net for your vehicle causing potential buyers to remove your vehicle from consideration as overpriced and poorly marketed).

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